Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crafty Saturday!

Hi Everyone! Well, Fall has officially arrived. Halloween and the holiday season are right around the corner. I've been on a Pinterest kick lately and always seeing these cute little finger paint crafts for kids. I thought it was finally time to try getting a little messy and crafty! I absolutely love the colors, weather, and food of Fall! I saw a cute picture on Pinterest of the Fall tree made out of hand prints, Johnny and I tried it!

We started out but mixing our our brown paint and making the tree trunk.

Then came the fun part for Johnny, getting messy! We painted our colors(red, yellow, and orange) on his hands and he got to go crazy! It turned out so cute!

Then, we dipped Johnny's fingers in our red, yellow and orange paint and dabbed for the "falling leaves" look  :)

This was such a fun project, we can't wait to do more!

Even Mommy got a little crafty!

I love spending one on one time with each of my kids and we are trying to take advantage of the time we have before baby number three gets here!

What are some of your favorite crafts to do???

Talk soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simple Serenity Launch Party!

Hi everyone! So this past Thursday I threw a Launch Party for my new business, Simple Serenity. The turnout was even better than I expected! I handed out cute gift bags with a few samples of Shaklee products in them and then did a raffle of one big product. I just wanted to show you all some of the pictures that were taken during the party, looks like everyone had a great time!

This was my display of Shaklee products

My cute gift bags and giveaway raffle table

My guests looking over products and chatting

Yep, the kids were partying too haha!

My good friend, Bonnie helping introduce Shaklee products to my guests. Thank you Bonnie for all your help!!!

Our raffle prize winner, Nola Powers, my Grandma!!!

I had such a great time hosting my first Shaklee party! If you are interested in throwing a party, I would be more than happy to show everyone the amazing benefits of using Shaklee all-natural products in your house-hold! If you have questions or are interested in switching to Shaklee, feel free to e-mail me at, call me (815)482-5756, or visit my website ;)

Have a great day!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quickie Powder Room Remodel for Under $25!!!

How would you like to go from this

To this???

For under $25!!!

You know those times where you feel like you just need a little change in a certain room in your house but don't have a lot of money to play around with? As I was cleaning my Powder Room I noticed the edges of the mirror looked so aged and it made the bathroom look bad. I thought maybe if we bought trim and edged out the mirror it would look SO cute! But then I had another thought... This is our "Sanibel Island, FL" themed bathroom so everything is all about the beach and seashells. We found an unopened can of tan textured spray paint in our storage in the basement and knew that this would be so cute for the border of the mirror. Since brass colored fixtures aren't really in anymore we also decided to do the same thing to the light fixture.

Here are all the supplies we needed for our CHEAP UPDATE ;)

Seriously that is all you need! It was such an easy, fun project!

So, here's the steps I used:

1.) Figure out how wide you want your border around the mirror to be and use your Painters Tape for your template.

2.) Then fill in the blue area with your masking paper. Make sure you cover around the outside edges of the mirror and over the sink so you don't make a huge mess.

3.) Spray away! (FYI being pregnant, I did not do any spray painting, my Mom did that job haha!)

4.) Once you are happy with the way the edges look you can remove the tape and paper.

5.) Repeat the same steps for the light fixture. See the cute seashells we used to cover the brass-colored bolts! (We also flipped the fixture so that the lights face the ceiling instead of right on top of you, it looks so much better this way!)

6.) Enjoy your updated powder room without the guilt of spending too much money!!! Love it!

Talk again soon!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Results are in! Want Stronger, Healthier Hair The NATURAL Way???

For Healthy Gorgeous Hair

Are you sick of trying to find that perfect product line for helping you have thicker, more vibrant and healthy hair?  Look no further!  Being a Cosmetologist, doing hair is my passion, so I am excited to introduce everyone to Shaklee’s ProSanté Hair Care System! 

Did you know that 50% of men will experience hair thinning in their lifetime, and 40% of women will also experience noticeable signs of similar hair thinning by AGE 35?  During a lifetime, everyone’s hair suffers damage due to poor diet and nutrition, medications you may be on, chemical processing, heat styling, plus life’s everyday stresses. The ProSanté Hair Care System works on helping you to have healthier more luxurious hair by starting at the scalp and working its way out to your ends.

Independent studies have shown that in just 30 days of continued use of the ProSanté Hair Care System people noticed the following:

~The amount of hair lost during combing was reduced by 50%
~The actual numbers of broken hairs decreased by as much as 73%
 ~ 61% of test subjects experienced visibly thicker hair
  ~55% of users noted a significant increase in the volume of their hair

There are just 6 products in the entire Hair Care System:
·         Nourishing Scalp Treatment- Proven to reduce hair loss and naturally thicken and strengthen hair.
·         Revitalizing Shampoo- Formulated with humectants and a vegetable derived protein for a smoother hair cuticle, which gives you better hair behavior and control. It is also safe for permed and color-treated hair.
·         Purifying Shampoo- Intensely deep cleans while protecting color, texture and natural moisture. Also I deal for oil control and also safe for chemically treated hair.
·         Lightweight Conditioner- For thin or thinning hair. Smooths and moisturizes without weighing your hair down.
·         Replenishing Conditioner-Strengthens hair with natural, vegetable-based protein for renewed elasticity. This is especially good for dry, overworked or overprocessed hair.
·         Long Lasting Finishing Spray- UV protection that keeps color at its most vibrant and prevents sun and heat damage while giving you the hold and control you need!

I have been using this system for about a week now and I am so impressed with how my hair feels before, during and after styling.  It not only feels amazing to me, but it looks healthier, I’m having great hair days! I want as many people as possible to try it out. I am running a promotion valid until September 30th, 2012. Buy any TWO of the ProSanté Hair Care products with a Shaklee membership ($19.95 value) and I will give you a free haircut! For more information or to place your order, visit my website!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make the Decision to Better Your Life, Join My Team!

Are you interested in making money from the comfort of your own home? The flexibility of making your own work schedule? How about earning bonuses, car payments, cars, or trips to exotic places? Also, wouldn't you like the chance to pay off all your debt and even put money away for the kids' college fund? You can earn all that plus some by joining my Shaklee team and sharing the value and quality of these amazing, safe and natural products!

I started using Shaklee products after my kids developed allergies. I wanted them to be in a healthier, more chemical-free environment(Plus, I am saving money by using these products and they last so much longer than the leading brands!). I knew this was the best choice for me and my growing family. I then saw the amazing opportunity of sharing and selling the products as well. Being a stay-at-home Mom with another baby on the way it is easier to make my own hours to work. I love that I have that option! Now I am on my way to a healthy, debt free life, and I wouldn't change it for the world! 

~If that doesn't sway you, how about joining a free webinar that is held at 9pm every Tuesday night? This webinar helped me make my decision to change my life!

~If you aren't interested in becoming a Shaklee Distributor but are interested in trying out our products please visit my website and feel free to take a look around, you won't regret it I promise!

Live Happy,