Work with Leah

Work with Leah

Currently, I am expanding my business and looking for serious health & wellness advocates that want to change their life in 2013 by becoming a Gold Ambassador with my brand partner. 

Want to earn a full-time income? Are you Serious about achieving your dreams? 
I’ll teach you exactly how I am earning a full-time, passive income while I stay at home with three kids, ages almost four to one month old!
You'll receive personal & group training, mentoring, and support from people who have done it - and have the option to become a Turnaround Body Weight Loss 180 Specialist from our online training program.

What You’ll Receive In This Program:
·   Weekly coaching business coaching calls
·   First Step Training Online Courses to show you how to launch your business and grow your business the right way  
·   Wisdom and experience of top leaders 
·   Learn in-depth the seven steps to success
·   Access to our Leadership, Mentoring & Support Forum to connect with other women in the program
·   Coaching on how to blog, increase your followers, and the best ways to utilize social media
·   Access to the additional training materials that the best in the industry are using
·   Find out why our partner's brand products are the most advanced and comprehensive in the marketplace today

You’ll get the resources and tools to kick off your health & wellness business and start living your dreams NOW! 
You can take control of your life and live like you have been dreaming.  I'll offer you experienced knowledge that you can apply to your own business and help you create your own residual income that will benefit you year after year. 

This program is for people who want to:
·   Be your own boss
·   Take control over your finances
·   Take control over your schedule - you pick your own hours
·   Create an exploding business while you work from home 
·   Earn the income you deserve
·   Positively impact other people's lives
·   Be coachable, teachable and excited to learn new skills
·   Continue to be self-motivated, a team player, and dependable
·   Work hard and build a solid, passive income that will pay you year after year
·   Join a team of serious,  like-minded,  entrepreneurs working to further each other’s businesses

This program is NOT for people who:
·   Are not interested in health & wellness
·   Don’t want to work for themselves
·   Cannot stay committed and focused
·   Aren’t willing to personally grow, learn from experts and develop the skills needed to build a developed business

Isn’t it time you got rewarded for the work you love?
You simply have to ask yourself… Am I ready to create my DREAM Health & Wellness Business?

If your answer is yes, visit my website to sign up today! Email me with any questions or comments ;)


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